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Today, structural steel is commonly used in the construction of not only industrial buildings but also in constructing high-rise commercial buildings. Its high strength, toughness, rigidity and ductile properties, make it the most preferred metal for construction. Structural steel members are fabricated in a factory-controlled environment in our workshop. Various beams are fabricated such as H-beams, I-beams, and T-beams. These structures are used as load bearing members. Structural steel is widely considered for construction purposes because it is the most cost-effective building material.

Structural steel fabrication is a process of bending, cutting, and moulding steel structures to create beams, columns, and steel members. Structural steel fabricators erect and provide quality, fabricated steel components and structures. Structural steel is cost effective, durable, and highly stable for construction.

Structural steel fabricators closely work with designers, architects, shop workers, project managers, detailers, equipment operators, inspectors, and engineers to create steel structures for building reliable structures. Our metal fabricators at Northern Weldarc fabricate structural steel components for various construction projects. We use advanced fabrication tools and equipment to create structures that comply with the equivalent standard requirement of different acceptable load dimensions along with the shape and size of structural steel required by code.

if your company were a professional educational organization serving the metal fabrication industry, you would put quite a bit of emphasis on steel. You look for an architect with an understanding of the roles that metals play in all of our lives, wherever we go, for myriad applications at home, in the workplace, and everywhere else. You look for an architect with an appreciation for steel beauty. Whether discussing beams, channels, or hollow structural sections (HSS), you mention to the architect, early and often, your interest in using as much steel as possible. You look for an architect who could develop a theme that incorporates metals throughout the project, especially in high-visibility areas.